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Publishers find commerce content to be an increasingly effective strategy and business model. To understand how media companies are leveraging commerce content as a revenue stream and how they plan for the future, impact.com and Digiday surveyed more than 60 mass media publishers. 

This new State of Commerce Content report unpacks how publishers are:

Commerce content is on the rise in 2023

  • Growing their commerce content programs
  • Overcoming current challenges
  • Implementing solutions and partnerships
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Case Study

a360media, the publisher of titles like Us Weekly and Women's World, came to impact.com looking to streamline processes and scale their commerce content program quickly. 

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101 Webinar

Join impact.com's VP of Publisher Innovation, Bryce Widelitz, to learn about what commerce content is, the potential revenue opportunity for publishers, and so much more!

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Understand where your program stands to start increasing your earnings. Discover how publishers are overcoming common challenges and implementing solutions to supercharge revenue in 2023.

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Trackonomics pulls in data from all networks we need and puts it into basic terms you can understand quickly. It doesn't require a lot of training like all the other networks and is very easy to use. Easy means efficient, which saves us time and, ultimately, translates to saving money.


Kara Kamenec
Sr. Director of Commerce and Affiliate Content | a360media