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Drive incremental sales

  • ↓ risk via additional channels
  • ↑ revenue per partner
  • ↓ wasteful spend
  • High return on ad spend

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Robbert van den Eshof

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Alli Hobbs

Sr. Marketing Manager

We were a bit nervous about migrating a program of our size from an affiliate network to Impact, but it couldn’t have been more successful. Impact makes it very straightforward to onboard publishers and to communicate effectively with a large publisher base. Together with Neo, we managed to migrate 85% of our partner-driven revenue within 2 weeks and finalize the migration ahead of schedule. 

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Gain high-quality affiliates

  • Partner diversification
  • Preserved margin by paying on value
  • ↑ revenue per partner
  • ↑ conversion rates/brand equity

Scale program efficiently

  • Eliminate wasted marketing spend
  • Automate your outreach and keep partners engaged with incentives
  • Predictable spend
  • ↑ operational efficiency

We heard about how great Impact was from others in the industry —and it’s true. Impact surpassed all our expectations, both technologically and from a support perspective. We were able to develop and grow a robust program in a short amount of time with total confidence in all technical components. We recommend that anyone starting an affiliate partnership program do so with Impact and Acceleration Partners.

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Wade Tonkins

Sr. Affiliate Manager

It's quick to deploy and easy to see your recruitment ROI. You don't have to take some other email marketing tool and try to make it fit your partner recruitment workflow. It's awesome when you can make 5-10k and only 3-5 minutes of work.

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Consumers turn to their circle of trust for product recommendations, referrals, and honest opinions. In fact, 75% of consumers watch influencers reviewing a product before making a purchasing decision.
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